The Significance of Powers of Attorney Goes Beyond Expectations

by | Aug 30, 2023

If you’re not already familiar with Britney Spears’ estate dispute, it’s worth delving into to grasp the true importance of powers of attorney. The movement recently concluded, and details about it can be found here.

How Powers of Attorney Safeguard Against Guardianships/Conservatorships

In Missouri, the absence of Powers of Attorney can lead to a guardianship/conservatorship hearing if you experience incapacitation for any reason. This one-day proceeding involves a judge appointing someone as your Financial and Medical Power of Attorney. Typically, a professional is appointed, incurring significant expenses and, crucially, lacking knowledge of your specific wishes!

To make matters worse, even if a doctor confirms your full capacity later on, you are required to return to court and seek permission to resume making your own decisions. As seen in Britney’s case, obtaining a favorable response is not guaranteed, and it can cost significant time and money.

Preserve Your Future Decision-Making Autonomy

When you establish your Power of Attorney, you have the privilege of selecting individuals you trust for these roles, all without enduring a costly court hearing.

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