Should I Reevaluate My Estate Plan?

by | Jan 18, 2024

With the new year starting, many people have started to focus on their resolutions for 2024. According to one survey, 38% of people have resolved to improve finances, and 36% resolved to improve mental health. Planning for the future is a great way to address both of these areas of concern!

While the new year may not inherently cause changes, it is the perfect time to reevaluate your estate plan. Whether you already have a full plan, or even if you haven’t started the process at all, it’s important to make sure your wishes are accurately and effectively documented in your estate plan. The attorneys at Axis Law Group are here to help with your Colorado estate planning needs!

I already have a plan – why should I review it?

Even if you have already created your plan, periodic reviews are very important. As life progresses, change is inevitable, and your plan needs to reflect any changes. Life events such as having children, purchasing a home, or getting married can all necessitate estate plan changes. Additionally, the passing of a loved one might leave a gap in your chosen decision-makers or beneficiaries. Even if you have backups or contingencies, reevaluating your plan will help confirm that your wishes are honored. We recommend reviewing all of your estate planning documents at least every 5 years, but doing so yearly is even better.

I don’t have an estate plan – where should I start?

If you have never started (or never finished) your estate plan, make 2024 the year that you get estate planning off your to-do list! No matter what your estate currently looks like, addressing your estate plan is vital. Our Colorado estate planning attorneys are poised to assist you with all estate planning aspects, including wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and advance directives.

Whether you’re reviewing your current plans or starting from scratch, Axis Law Group can help. Contact us today to ensure your estate plan is up to date!