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Gain the energy and space you deserve to focus on your loss, not the law.

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Axis Law Group can take probate proceedings off your plate.

When you’ve lost a loved one, getting caught in probate is the last thing you want to experience.

Choosing a probate lawyer gives you:

beneficiary designations estate planning

Time to Grieve

When you’ve lost a loved one, you need time to grieve, not get bogged down in hours of paperwork and even longer hours at court. We can give you back precious hours.

Support in Legal Proceedings

Probate is complicated. Our experienced team will give you the support you need to meet your obligations and liabilities with as little confusion as possible.

Freedom from Stress

Let us deal with the confusing legal jargon, missing legal documents, and lengthy process to make your probate experience as stress-free as possible.

We worked with Cristyn to prepare a living trust for our family after recently dealing with the loss of my mother in law, for which Cristyn helped us work through the dissolution of her estate/trust.  Cristyn was professional and responsive to our questions and appreciated her guidance in setting up our trust so that we could make sure things go smoothly for our children.


Working with Cristyn has been incredible!  She is knowledgeable, professional, and relatable (which seems difficult for most attorneys).  I would without a doubt recommend you speak with Cristyn!


Just amazing how easy the whole process was.  Professional service with a personal touch.  And I walked away with the confidence that every detail is now taken care of, priceless!


Cristyn is amazing and I would highly recommend her. She explained everything to me in a manner that I could understand and is very professional.


Cristyn is extremely knowledgeable and her professional manor is greatly appreciated. Highly recommend!


What is probate and how does it work?

Probate is the court process used to appoint a personal representative who will be in charge of distributing the assets of someone who died.

Here’s how it works:

A personal representative is appointed.

Once you know you need to do a probate, the next step is to determine whether the probate is testate (a valid will exists) or intestate (no valid will was found).

If the person did have a will and the original has been located, the will needs to be lodged with the court right away.

The person who wishes to be Personal Representative must apply to be appointed with the court. The court will then issue an Order and Letters appointing the Personal Representative.

This work often amounts to what feels like a full-time job and involves extensive paperwork and time in court. Many people choose to hire an attorney with expertise in the probate process instead of doing the work themselves.

Estate Planning and your assets

The administration of the probate takes place.

In some states, like Colorado, the probate process must last at least six months and can cost $10,000-$15,000. If family members are arguing or the process is being contested, it could last much longer than six months and cost thousands more. 

Eventually, the court will make a decision and provide the personal representative with a letter. This is when all of the administration of the probate takes place.

Administration of the probate can include:


Selling to third-parties or transferring real property to beneficiaries.


Paying creditors. This includes all of the court costs incurred by probate.


Distributing proceeds of the estate to beneficiaries.

Young boy smiling and holding his mother's leg

The estate is closed.

Once the administration of the estate has been completed, the estate and its probate is closed. The exact pieces of each estate’s probate can vary, so be sure to check you have completed all steps required in your state before requesting the court close the probate and release the personal representative from his or her role and associated liability.

Don’t go at it alone

Using a probate attorney with expertise in your state’s law to represent you as the personal representative not only takes a huge load off of your plate (being a personal representative can feel like a second job!) but it can also make the process quicker and enable you to close your case right around the six-month mark when the court allows the case to be closed!

We’ll help:

Educate you on what to expect

Ensure you’re appointed the personal representative

Confirm deadlines

Prepare paperwork

Speed up the process