Myth: No Need to Revisit Estate or Beneficiary Plans

by | Oct 11, 2022

Just like other types of planning, estate planning and beneficiary designation is never a “once and done” proposition. Your life, preferences, and goals evolve over time and may be impacted by outside influences – such as the financial markets, tax law changes, and death in the family.

Be Prepared for Changes That Can Impact Your Estate Plans and Beneficiary Designations

estate planning life changesYou may win the lottery! Or have an unexpected grandchild or child join the family, or you may get married or divorced. Any big life change warrants a revisit to your estate plan to make sure your wishes are the same and your instructions remain how you want.

It’s important to periodically review and update your estate planning documents, including your beneficiary designations, and how your various accounts are titled.

Do you have an existing estate plan you’d like reviewed?

Our talented and knowledgeable attorneys regularly review estate plans that clients already have in place. They may have recently moved to the area and want to ensure their plan will be enforceable in Colorado, or it may have been a few years (or decades!) since they put their plan in place. Book your complimentary initial consultation online, or call our office at 719-259-4971 to set up an appointment for a review of your existing plan.

Don’t have an existing plan? That’s ok! Let’s set your estate plan up today to give you peace of mind that what you want to happen while alive will happen even if you are gone.