Misconception: One-Time Estate and Beneficiary Planning Suffices

by | Mar 20, 2024

Contrary to common belief, estate planning, and beneficiary designations aren’t a “once and done” affair. Life is dynamic, and your circumstances and goals shift over time. Decisions can be influenced by external factors like financial market changes, alterations in tax laws, or family deaths.

Anticipate Changes That Impact Your Estate Plans and Beneficiary Designations

Life’s unpredictability can involve winning the lottery, an unexpected addition to the family, or significant relationship changes – all of which necessitate a reassessment of your estate plan. Ensuring your wishes align with current circumstances and your instructions reflect your intentions is crucial, which is why regularly reviewing and updating estate planning documents, including beneficiary designations and account titles, is essential.

Do you already have an estate plan that needs a review?

Our adept attorneys routinely assess existing estate plans for clients. Whether you’ve recently moved to the area and want to confirm the enforceability of your plan in Missouri, or if it’s been several years – or decades – since its inception, book a complimentary initial consultation online or call our office at 816-399-2757 for a comprehensive review.

Don’t have an existing plan? No problem! Let’s establish your estate plan today, assuring that your desires, even after you’re gone, will be realized.