Misconception: Estate Planning Doesn’t Require a Lawyer

by | Jul 12, 2023

Misconception: Estate Planning Doesn’t Require a Lawyer


While pre-made online estate planning documents or handwritten notes may claim to address common estate planning scenarios, your estate could unknowingly be exposed to complex issues that require legal insight. In some cases, a plan crafted from the internet or handwritten sources may not be correctly executed, rendering the document ineffective; likewise, some of these plans might not include Missouri-specific legal necessities. That’s why consulting with a qualified estate planning attorney to review your documents remains a prudent step.

If you’re in search of an estate planning attorney, your search ends here! In our initial consultations, we routinely examine clients’ existing estate planning documents to identify any potential gaps. This allows us to provide tailored assistance in achieving their estate planning objectives. Our attorneys can also provide information to guide you through important estate planning considerations to protect you and your loved ones.

Update Your Estate Planning Documents with Us:

If you wish to update your current estate plan or verify its effectiveness, schedule your initial consultation with one of our experienced attorneys online or contact our office at 816-399-2757. We take on all of the headaches so you do not have to!