Who Inherits Your Assets? Take Control of Your Estate Plan

by | Dec 18, 2022

Creating your own estate plan gives you the control to determine who inherits your assets after you pass. You choose who is in charge, who will inherit, and how they will inherit.

Who Inherits Your Assets?

If you don’t create your own Estate Plan, the courts apply the Intestacy Statute to your estate and make distributions to family members you may not have wanted to receive an inheritance or even to family members you may have never even met!

Leave a Valid Will

Take Prince, for example, he did not leave a valid will and his estate has taken years to close because everyone wanted a piece of the pie:

Unfortunately, all this litigation only led to fights and an expensive court process that ended up taking a large chunk of the estate and giving it to court costs and attorney fees!

At Kelly Law Firm, we believe transparency is key when creating an Estate Plan. It leads to less fighting and your loved ones can focus on what truly matters.

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