Inheritance Law: The Slayer Statute

by | Jul 19, 2023

While to most it may be unthinkable, there have been beneficiaries who take extreme actions out of greed, even to the point of murdering in pursuit of inheritance. Fortunately, most states, including Missouri, have a safeguard through the “Slayer Statute,” a crucial inheritance law. This statute ensures that a beneficiary found guilty of murdering the decedent is disinherited.

The Slayer Statute: A Comprehensive Revocation of Benefits

Explore this real-life account where an inheritance in Missouri was twisted between a daughter and son. While the daughter was found not guilty of murder, even the possibility that she acted in this fashion resulted in consequences.

While most people won’t have to worry about that kind of situation, it’s vital to make sure your estate plan is set and accurate to avoid any issues. For all questions regarding estate planning, reach out to Axis Law Group today!