Guidance for Personal Representatives in Probate

by | Jun 21, 2023

Being designated as a “Personal Representative” or “Executor” is a significant responsibility, putting you in charge of crucial tasks:

  • Locate the decedent’s assets
  • Value those assets
  • Pay potential creditors
  • Distribute the assets

Despite being named in someone’s Will as the Personal Representative, you can’t fulfill these roles immediately. The initial step is to initiate a Missouri probate and receive official court appointment before managing the decedent’s assets.

Probate is a mandatory procedure in Missouri, involving court documentation, creditor deadlines, and strict timelines. Notably, attempting to navigate probate independently means adhering to the same regulations and procedures as an attorney, potentially exposing you to liability and responsibility for the decedent’s debts.

Axis Law Group streamlines the probate process on your behalf. If you find yourself designated as the Personal Representative and need to commence probate, schedule an appointment to discuss the process and understand how our assistance can benefit you!