Fun with Disposition of Last Remains

by | Mar 21, 2023

The thought of how you want your family to dispose of your remains can be challenging and even somewhat morbid . . . that is why we wanted to tell you of a few different ways remains can be disposed of in a FUN way!

  • Tree Pod Burial: Have you ever thought to yourself, “I want to become a tree when I die!” Well, if you have, tree pod burial is perfect for you! The concept involves wrapping the remains in a natural fiber cloth, storing it in an eco-friendly, egg-shaped pod, and planting it in the ground. Tree pod burial is an eco-friendly option that gives your body a new form of life! Tree pod burial is perfect for those who want their remains to help provide nutrients for mother earth.
  • Eternal Reefs: Staying on theme with eco-friendly options, did you know your cremated ashes can be used to create an ocean reef? That’s right! As Eternal Reefs says, the process is designed to “help heal both the sea and the soul.” There is a four step process that includes casting, viewing, and the dedication and placement on the ocean floor.
  • Life Gem: We have all heard the saying, “Diamonds are forever” and now so are your remains! Life Gem is a high-quality diamond created from your ashes. You can create a diamond using an amount of hair collected or a small portion of the remains from a standard cremation. This is a beautiful way for your family to embrace your memory every single day!
  • Science Care: For all you science lovers out there, great news! Your body can be donated for science research! Science Care also includes transportation from the location at passing, cremation, and the return of cremated remains not matched with a current Science Care program, and filing of the death certificate, at no cost. If you want your body to help the future of medical research, education, and training, while also reducing any potential financial burdens, check out Science Care!
  • The Cryonics Institute: Your body can be cooled to liquid nitrogen temperatures in order to be preserved in the hope that future science may be able to revive you. According to the Cryonics Institute, “cryonics is much more than just the science of ‘freezing,’ because [their] objective is life after revival, with renewed youth and extended lifespans. [They] want to make this a reality.”
  • And Vinyly: “When words fail, music speaks” – Hans Christian Andersen. If you are a true lover of music, Vinyly may be perfect for you! And Vinyly is able to press your ashes into a vinyl record that can play a personal message, an original soundrack, or anything else you may want your family to hear!
  • Heavenly Stars Fireworks: Do you love being the center of attention? That should not end just because you are gone. Heavenly Stars Fireworks turns your ashes into fireworks! Your ashes can be used in the creation of fireworks, which will be sent to your loved ones so they can put on your final show in style!
  • Memorial Spaceflights: If you have ever longed to travel into space, or stepped outside on a starry night and felt at home, Memorial Spaceflights may be perfect for you! Memorial Spaceflights allows you to choose how far you want your ashes to go into space. They can launch to space and return to earth, be launched into Earth’s orbit, launched to the lunar orbit or surface, or even be launched into deep space!

While you may not want to use any of the options we went over above, there are many more options when it comes to disposing your remains. No matter what you choose, we recommend you communicate it with your loved ones to ensure your wishes are fulfilled! More importantly, don’t forget to have some fun with it!