Family Meetings – An Important Step in Your Estate Plan

by | May 4, 2023

It’s not the most comfortable conversation to have with your loved ones but it is an important one. While it is extremely important to get a proper estate plan in place, it’s just as important that your loved ones know what the plan says and how it works. At Axis Law Group, we provide family meetings for our clients and their loved ones. This is where we take the time to sit down and not only go over your plan, but go over other important things that come with being a Trustee, Personal Representative, or Power of Attorney. 

What is the Risk if I Don’t Have a Family Meeting?

A family meeting is a complimentary and optional meeting that we provide for our clients. The reason we provide this is that more problems can arise when your loved ones do not know what your plan says and how the process works after you pass. 

Some kids (no matter how old they are) can get angry if they are not named as the primary power person in your plan. If, for some reason, you are dividing your estate in a way where one person gets more than the other, that can cause tension. If you have a blended family, it is vital that everyone is on the same page. The family meeting is an opportunity for an attorney to speak with your power people, take some of the emotion out of it, be clear and concise on how your plan will work, and generally listen and answer any questions. 

Death and money can change everything. If your family is on great terms now, we want them to be on great terms after you pass. A family meeting does not guarantee that no one will fight, but it is an easy step in the right direction to keep everyone on the same page.

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