Estate Planning Oversight: Neglecting Disability and Long-Term Care

by | Feb 7, 2024

A substantial 70% of individuals reaching the age of 65 will eventually need to address disability and long-term care considerations. The expenses associated with long-term care are significant, since a private room in a nursing home can exceed $70,000 annually, and the cost of a home health aide can surpass $55,000 per year. Genworth provides a tool to estimate long-term care costs based on your location.

Neglecting Disability and Long-Term Care

Long-term care stands out as one of the most substantial unfunded retirement risks confronting today’s retirees. The financial implications become evident when examining the numbers.

Given these realities, it’s evident that a comprehensive estate plan must incorporate provisions for disability and long-term care. During your working years, disability planning involves securing the appropriate levels of short-term and long-term disability insurance. As retirement approaches, the focus shifts to long-term care planning, encompassing how you wish to receive it and the financial arrangements to support it.


Don’t delay; explore disability and long-term care insurance options sooner rather than later. The cost increases with each passing year. Consult your insurance adviser to discuss potential solutions. We have established partnerships with several excellent insurance providers, and we’d be delighted to connect you with them. Book your complimentary initial estate planning consultation online or contact our office at 816-399-2757.