Join the Team at Axis Law Group

Our estate planning career path is about working together to protect Colorado families and supporting our attorneys with a work-life balance.

Love your work.


Enjoy your coworkers.

Revel in work-life balance.

Female attorney helping a family with estate planning

An Estate Planning Career that Builds Success and Supports Your Personal Growth

It feels like common sense–you should be able to find an employer that not only sets you up to excel at the work you were hired to do, but also supports your life outside of the office. (Because yes, it does exist with our estate planning career path!)

Yet so many law offices don’t understand that employees need a firm that cares about more than just billable hours. Big firms often use their lawyers as fodder for the most difficult, contentious work; without the necessary training and support, these lawyers often burn out and leave law altogether.

At Axis Law Group, we do things differently. 

We understand lawyers need ongoing professional development, support at work, and encouragement to invest in their lives outside of work just as much as their lives at work. 

From a 4-day work week and team retreats to a healthy abhorrence of meetings (which ensures plenty of work time during the day) and a healthy dose of support from our two full-time assistants, we’ve created an environment that sets up our staff to thrive, both personally and professionally. 

At Axis Law Group, we know that happy lawyers make happy clients. It’s a winning combination all around!

Open Positions

Junior Associate Attorney

Lawyering never felt so good.

At Axis Law Group, we ditched the high-stress, high-burnout habits of most law firms and instead built a law practice that puts employees first so we can serve our clients better. As an estate planning and probate attorney on our team, you will place a premium on building relationships with our clients who rely on our knowledge, skills and experience to safeguard their future.

Experience the deeply rewarding work that provides peace of mind to families who know their children and their money are protected and secured.

As a Junior Associate Attorney, you will work under the direction of the Managing Attorney and receive ongoing professional development, mentorship, and support. Within a short timeframe, our junior associates can expect to transition into independently managing client load, from writing wills and creating trusts to helping our clients determine guardianship and power of attorney roles.

As a Junior Associate Attorney, you will be responsible to:

    • Meet with clients to discuss either estate planning or probate needs
    • Draft relevant legal documents
    • Research chain of title for property ownership
    • Network and represent the firm brand
    • Travel to current and future firm locations as necessary
    • Be a team player – this is a small firm: we all take phone calls, seat clients, and get coffee or water for both clients and each other


Active license to practice law in Colorado
Coachable, collaborative, and intrinsically motivated
Alignment with firm values (see below)

Ingrained in our work culture is a healthy dose of understanding that you live for more than your profession. That’s why our junior attorneys enjoy:

    • A 4-day work week
    • Flexible, in-person office hours with a 40-hour cap
    • Team retreats and trainings
    • A healthy abhorrence of meetings (which ensures plenty of work time during the day)
    • A healthy dose of support from our two full-time assistants
    • A family-first mentality
    • An environment that sets up our staff to thrive, both personally and professionally

If you are an enthusiastic team player looking for a fun and upbeat place to work, please apply by emailing your resume, a custom cover letter, and at least two references (letters are not necessary) to Cristyn at

For questions regarding the position, you can either email us or call the firm at 719-249-2785! We are excited to meet you!

Our Mission

At Axis Law Group, we know people just want to take care of their families. But in order to do that, they need legal documents. Anything to do with the law is intimidating to most people, which is why we work hard to make estate planning simple for our clients so they can stop worrying and take care of their families.

Our Culture

At Axis Law Group we believe in:

Putting family first

Always. Our team will not choose between work and family time. Family fills our cup. Family fuels our drive to keep our clients’ families intact, even in the wake of loss. At the end of our lives, we will not look back on the money we made, but rather the people we love.


We are in love with life even as we prepare for death. We have love for each other, our families, and our clients, which extends to our community, the earth, and the future generations we seek to protect.


Our clients deserve peace of mind, family unity, and to not extend the tragedy beyond the loss of a loved one.


We promote physical, mental, and financial stability for our team, which allows our team to best support their families and their clients’ physical, mental, and financial well-being.

Our love for family is why we do all we do.

A Note from Axis Law Group’s Managing Attorney, Cristyn:

Axis Law Group Cristyn Kelly

I firmly believe in life balance. While it is a beautiful thing to love what you do, we all work so we can live. I believe in completely disrupting the traditional attorney work style. “Family first. Always,” applies first and foremost to my team. Failure to support them first results in subpar care for our clients. Our attorneys work 4 days a week, no more than 40 hours a week. They leave work at work so when they are home, they can be fully present. I honestly believe all law firms can implement this practice, with other adjustments, and find they are more profitable, and their attorneys are significantly happier.