Empower Your Legacy: Shape Your Estate Plan

by | Apr 17, 2024

Crafting your personalized estate plan will empower you with the authority to dictate the inheritance of your assets after your passing. You decide who assumes control, who receives an inheritance, and how your estate is distributed.

Who Inherits Your Assets?

Without an individually designed Estate Plan, a Missouri Probate Court may resort to the Intestacy Statute, distributing your estate to family members, potentially including individuals you never intended to inherit or those you’ve never encountered!

Empower Your Legacy: Leave a Legitimate Estate Plan

Consider the case of Prince, who left no valid will, leading to years of estate closure struggles as everyone sought a share of the estate.

Unfortunately, the litigation resulted in conflicts and an exorbitant court process that significantly diminished the estate, diverting substantial funds toward court costs and attorney fees.

At Axis Law Group, we advocate for transparency in Estate Planning, fostering harmony and enabling your loved ones to focus on what truly matters.

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