Don’t Fret About the Future

Create an estate plan so you have peace about what’s next.

Protect your family

Ensure your wishes are honored

Construct the right plan for you

Ensure No Detail is Overlooked

Estate planning is more than just writing out your will. Without the right documents that match the laws in your state, even your best laid plans can end in probate. It can feel overwhelming. Axis Law Group can not only help you make a detailed estate plan for Colorado and Missouri that covers every possibility, but make it feel easy.

Estate planning plays a major role in deciding who will be the guardian of your child.

Get your paperwork in order: Don’t risk your wishes coming to naught simply because you’re missing a single form or something doesn’t match state law. Get help so you know each document your plan needs is ready.

Make sure the right plan is in place: Often, people think all they need is a will, when they actually need a trust or guardianship. We’ll help you know exactly what you need.

Avoid common pitfalls: There are many estate planning misconceptions out there—far too many to list here. But we’ll walk you through each one to make sure your plan is airtight in Colorado or Missouri.

We contacted Axis Law Group to create our Living Trust. Met with Nicole via Zoom, she collected all the information needed, then set an appointment. The process was quick, accurate and professional. She was very attention to detail. I won’t hesitate to contact or recommend them.


My wife and I thought that we had a sufficient will in place.  As we researched more about state laws and how our wishes would be carried out when we pass, it was time to get a good estate law firm to guide us through the process.  We chose Axis Law Group.  Nicole D’Arpa was assigned to us. She and the Kelly staff were fantastic.  We have peace of mind now just knowing that things will be carried out accordingly.


Cristyn was excellent to work with. She was always very communicative, listened to us, paid attention to detail, and made it as easy as possible for us to create an estate plan. I highly recommend her.


Helped my mother update her POAs, HIPAA docs, etc. Nicole was great! Very helpful, knowledgeable and responsive. She made the complex seem simple. I appreciate that things weren’t drawn out taking a lot of time. Everything was executed very quickly. Thank you Nicole!


We worked with Cristyn to prepare a living trust for our family after recently dealing with the loss of my mother in law, for which Cristyn helped us work through the dissolution of her estate/trust.  Cristyn was professional and responsive to our questions and appreciated her guidance in setting up our trust so that we could make sure things go smoothly for our children.


Safeguard Your Future

Figure out what’s best for your family. Then, make it law.

You’re ready to stop putting off your estate planning, but there’s so much to consider.  What plans do you really need to make? What are you forgetting to include? You want the peace of mind that comes when you have a plan, but you have no idea how to move forward.

Axis Law Group can help you make a detailed estate plan that covers every possibility in Colorado or Missouri.

Our estate planning attorneys in Colorado Springs and Kansas City have worked with many different types of estate plans, so we know what questions to ask and what options to include in your plan. Together we’ll dig into your goals and create the right plan for you.

We’ll help you address:


Asset allocation


Power of attorney

Advance directives


… and more to create the estate plan that’s right for you and your family

With a legally-binding plan in place, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that your family is safe and your wishes will be honored.

Protect your Kids

Ensure your kids go to the guardians you want.

Avoid Probate

An excellent estate plan ensures your loved ones skip probate.

Preserve Relationships

Prevent damaged relationships over unclear wills with a clear estate plan.