Asset Liquidity: A Critical Step in Your Estate Planning

by | Dec 9, 2022

Asset liquidity is important to have during life and especially after death. If your estate needs to be split among children, a surviving spouse, or other heirs, it needs to have the proper amount of liquidity.

How to Secure Asset Liquidity

Life insurance is an efficient way to create estate liquidity. It can assist with splitting up wealth and paying off debts.

If you’re a business owner, liquidity ensures your heirs have the cash they need to operate your business upon your death. If you have a buy-sell agreement or other plans to transfer your business within your estate plan, liquidity is crucial!

Without enough liquidity, the buy-sell agreement could cease to continue.


Sit down with a trusted financial professional to determine how much liquidity makes sense for you and how you should go about creating it. We work with several incredible financial advisors and are happy to offer referrals to our clients.

Making a plan now saves headaches and heartache for your family and loved ones later. Book your complimentary initial consultation online, or give us a call at 719-259-4971.