Safeguard the Future

Estate Planning and Probate made simple.

Gain peace of mind

Avoid lengthy legal struggles

Ensure your wishes are met

Estate Planning and Probate Attorneys Missouri and Colorado

Safeguard your future with estate planning made simple.

Gain peace of mind

Avoid lengthy legal struggles

Ensure your wishes are met

Don’t Leave Estate Planning to Chance

Without a legally-binding plan, the fate of your estate, your children’s guardianship, and more are at risk. Working with an estate planning attorney now will help ensure your loved ones will enjoy the future you intended.

Protect the Ones You Love


Without a plan, the state will decide your heirs–even if you had different intentions. Dealing with probate leaves your loved ones embroiled in an expensive, stressful, legal mess.

Protect Your Kids

Whether your children are minors and will need guardians or if they are older and would benefit from trusts, you deserve to have your wishes honored–not decided by the court.

Preserve Relationships

Avoid drawn-out battles and permanently hurt feelings within your family and friends by making your wishes clear and legally binding.

Focusing on What’s Best for You and Your Family

Estate planning can feel intimidating. Our hands-on approach will make your experience simple and assuring.


Estate planning attorneys listen to your concerns so we can explain your options and help you make the best decisions.


Working together we’ll hammer out all the details that will cement your plans and ensure your wishes are carried out.


To avoid surprises and misunderstandings you and your attorney can share your estate plans with anyone impacted.

I wish I could give 10 stars

“Cristyn was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Although very necessary I was dreading this process; however Cristyn not only made it easy but also explained things to me in away that helped me make the right decisions. I wish I could give ten stars.”

– Michelle

Stop worrying about what the future holds.

Child smiling about a will and trust
At Axis Law Group we know you want to take care of your family. In order to do that, you need a will, advance directive, and possibly a family trust.

We understand that thinking about a future after you’re gone while making legally binding decisions can be scary. That’s why we work hard to make estate planning simple by focusing on your goals and what’s best for you and your family.

Together, we’ll ensure you have the proper legal documents to avoid probate, protect your children, and honor your wishes for the future. 

We believe your family deserves the things you would do for them while alive, even if you are gone. 

Let’s check estate planning off your to-do list so you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes when you’re confident that the people you love are taken care of.

After one meeting, I hired her on the spot.

“Because I have moved quite a bit in my life, my trust had many changes. Our meeting went so well that we hired her on the spot. There was a lot of behind the scenes work for both of us. She made everything so clear that it was quite easy to do. I recommend Cristyn for all Estate Planning needs. I feel confident that my children will have no problems in the future.”

– Barbara

Safeguard Your Family’s Future

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